WHMControl Login Manager

WHMControl Login Manager

Welcome to WHMControl - home of the premier server login management system for cPanel and WHM servers. Using WHMControl, you can store all of your server login information and notes in a central & secure location. You and your staff members can then access the server information and one-click WHM access buttons on the go. You will save time, increase efficiency, and maximize security with WHMControl! Make your life easier - signup today!

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Software Features

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Centrally Store Your Server Logins

Store all of your server logins in one central location. No more key vault files to maintain and manually distribute.

Strong Multi-Layer Encryption

All passwords and server notes are encrypted in the database using 3 security keys, two of which are unique to your installation.

Store Server Notes for Staff Access

You can store notes on every server with information such as console access, remote reboot, and more - all securely encrypted.

Advanced Logging of Staff Activities

Every action a staff member takes is logged in the database. Admins can view and export the activity logs from the product.

Automated Password Changes

WHMControl allows you to automatically change your root password on supported platforms with a single click or using a cron.

One Click cPanel / WHM Access

WHMControl provides passwordless access to your WHM and cPanel accounts. Simply click a button to create a secure login session.

Customizable Staff Permissions

Choose what permissions each individual staff member has. Give them as much or as little access as they need for their position.

Restrict Access to Certain Servers

Want to give your staff access to your hosting servers but not your corporate server? Put it on the restricted list to keep unauthorized users out.

Brute Force Login Failure Detection

WHMControl automatically detects brute force access attempts and blocks the offenders, keeping your logins safe and secure.

Customizable & Extensible

We include 98% source code with every license, allowing you to customize and extend the functionality of the software.

Full Language Customization

Every phrase in the software can be fully customized or translated to your needs using a simple language file.

Smarty Template System

WHMControl fully integrates with the Smarty template system allowing you to customize every aspect of the appearance of the software.

Product Demo

You can access a quick demo of the WHMControl software by using the login credentials below. To fully experience the software, it's best to download and install our free version.

Username: demo / Password: demo


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